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We offer you “GYALS” banking service that enables you to receive all types of banking service at a distance and enjoy the execution of your transactions.

 With the use of Internet banking service web site, you will be able to make transactions without using additional device, to pay for the utilities’ and phone bill, to buy top up card, to open an account, to get registered for the E-banking service and get a loan.  

Service for getting “GYALS” banking service via web site

  • Transaction between accounts of your own and between accounts of State bank
  •  Register, enquire and pay the utilities payments (electricity, telephone, internet, homeowner association, cable tv etc..,)
  • Get remittance code for E-money service (withdraw money from ATM without card).
  • To make money transfer to other bank’s account. 
  • Outbound wire transfer
  • Pay for cellphone bill and buy top-up card
  • Get deposit backed loan and pay for loan payment online
  • Open current account, time deposit or demand deposit account.
  • Order card.
  • Get registered for internet service or change the registration
  • Create ordered transfer, enquire and edit
  • Make a packaged transaction (to make transactions to many accounts simultaneously)    


  • Enquiry fee for social security
  • Voluntary insurance tax
  • Health insurance tax

Please, get instructions for paying channel for social insurance. You may get following extra service

  • Give order for extension of the time of time deposit
  • Add or eliminate your account
  • Change your user name and password for entry
  • Give order for extending the deposit time
  • Use rate calculator
  • Create a transaction model (save the constantly used transaction as a model and reuse the saved model)
  • Get information from bank and give bank a request or a recommendation.
  • Pay traffic regulation fine 


Commission and fee terms and conditions of Internet banking service.  

Service Individual Entity
MNT Currency MNT Currency
Annual fee 3,000 MNT 10,000 MNT
Transaction fee Within bank 100 MNT 200 MNT No fee
Between banks 300 MNT 1,000 MNT 300 MNT 1,000 MNT
Pay for utilities payment No-commission No-commission
Vasco device price 50,000 MNT


Internet banking service limit

Bank’s web and smart app (the maximum limit for executing withdrawals from single account for single day)
  MNT Currency
Via password 5 million MNT Equivalent currency
Via one time password 20 million MNT Equivalent currency
Via vasco device 20 million MNT Equivalent currency


Making transaction

  • When making transactions via web and smart application of Internet banking service, you are to use entry password and one time password.

You may get one time password via following two channels.

  • Via message/SMS on your cellphone;
  • Email at your email address;

According to your need, you may choose from following two ways and use the password for making transaction.

1 Entry password is used for transactions totaling up to an amount 5 million MNT, while one time password is used for transactions exceeding aforementioned amount.
2 One time password is used for transactions regardless of amount.


For further information, please contact us at:
Customer information center: 1800-1881
Email address: contact@statebank.mn
Fax: 330595

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