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Frequently asked questions

  • If a different bank card is swallowed by a State bank ATM, where and when can it be retrieved? 

-    It may be retrieved from your bank after 3-5 days 

  • If your card is swallowed by a different bank’s ATM, where and when can it be retrieved?

-    Immediately call 1800-1881 and have it closed. Come and get your card from the centre after 3-5 days. 

  • If your money is swallowed by the State bank ATM, how can it be retrieved? 

-    Upon request made for retrieving your money swallowed by ATM, examining is to be done and the money will be transferred to the card account after 3-7 days. 

  • Which banks’ ATMs read the State bank card? 

-    All banks’ ATMs will be applicable. 

  • If a card is lost, where to consult?

-    The State banks enquiry line 1800-1881 should be called and have it closed. When retrieving your card, you may order it from any of the State bank’s branch. 

  • When a card is swallowed by ATM, can money be withdrawn from your account? 

-    When a card is swallowed by ATM, you may come to the bank’s branch or sub-branch and make withdrawals.  

  • May I give my card number for receiving money?

-    Money can be received and transferred via card number.
-    And also money can be received via card account number.

  • What to do, if your card pin code is forgotten?

-    You may restore your pin code at any of the State bank branch.

  • What services can I get via card?

-    To allocate money in your card at the State bank’s or any bank’s branches or sub-branches or make transactions.
-    Draw cash from any bank’s ATM.
-    Pay utilities’ pay, enquire, purchase a top-up card for your cellphone and pay for phone bill.
-    Get service from entities that accept card pay.
-    Make purchase and payments via internet.   

  • Where and how to check your card balance? 

-    Via ATM  
-    Via Mobile, Message bank, MV bank, Message news service. 
-    Via internet bank and smart bank of the State bank.
-    Via all of the State bank branches. 

  • What to consider when using  ATM?

-    If you enter the pin code wrong three times, the ATM will swallow your card.
-    If no action is taken within 30 seconds after card or money is ejected, ATM will automatically swallow the card or money.
-    If the card is expired, ATM will detect it and will show error.  

  • What to do if a card is lost and then found?

-    If you have found your card, you can re-open your card at any of the State bank branch.

  • How to order card urgently?

-    You may order a card urgently at any of the branches and the card will be published out within 6 working hours.

  • What if you have damaged your card?

-    If you have damaged your card, you may get new one at any of the branches near you.

For further information, please contact us at:
Customer information center: 1800-1881
Email address: contact@statebank.mn
Fax: 330595

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